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The following is a guide on how to earn coins/gems without money.

Feel free to add any more tips.

Dragon City is fun to play with if you know all the strategies to get gold and level up faster in the game. In this guide, we will go over every aspect of the game that will help you generate gold faster. By following all of our methods, you will also be able to level up faster as well.

How To Make Gold FasterEdit

In this section of the guide, we will go over every method of generating gold in Dragon City. By implement all or the most effective ways of these methods, you can make Dragon City gold faster than your peers.

Before you start go dragon crazy and upgrade everything, your first task is to pick the most effective dragon in generating gold revenue.

Grow Food Effectively to Raise Dragon FasterEdit

Always start the food growing timer whenever you can, your Dragons cannot grow and level up with feeding them food. In general, the shorter time frame of food growth will yield better ratio over time. However, if you have any gap in playing, it is best to choose the ones that fit with your real life schedule. Never stop growing Dragon City food so that you can level up your Dragons as much as possible. In addition, build as many farms as allowed by your level to maximize the food potential.

You can send and receive free gifts to your friends on Dragon City. This is a great way to gain some additional gold and food through sending and receiving them from your friends and neighbors in the game.Edit

Selling Dragons to Get GoldEdit

Certain dragons can be bred and then sold for cash effeciently. An example would be the Chili Dragon, it sells for $5,000 while being fairly common to receive.Another is the Laser Dragon,also quite common and sold for $5,000 too. However a more efficient method is to breed Waterfall Dragons, as these too sell for $5,000, but only take 1 minute to breed and 1 minute to hatch, while Laser and Chili dragons take 12 hours and 30 minutes respectively.

Or utilize your recruitment tavern. Recruit 3 people - even the same people. When you got 3, claim Medieval Dragon then sell it in your storage box. That will give you 200,000 gold.

Complete Goal QuestsEdit

The completion of the various in game quests will grant you gold, gem, and EXP depending on the quest. Always try to complete these quest to gain these valuable rewards. The only quest that you should consider not to complete are the ones that request you to use gem speed up to complete.

Assist Friend’s Dragon CityEdit

Assisting your friend’s habitat is a slow way to gain gold and EXP unless you have a lot of neighbors. You will earn 10 gold and 3 EXP for each assist that you do on neighbor’s land.

Expand and Purchase IslandsEdit

To level and make gold faster, you will need all the land to do it. Without the land, you cannot fill the land with upgrade habitats and more. Thus, save up gold to purchase and expand your Dragon islands. Plan out your path of growth to unlock various items faster in the game.This is a guide on how to earn gems and coins without money.

=How To Get Free GemsEdit

Breed your dragons for new hybrids, you will get gems if you log into Facebook as well, but the fastest way is to breed hybrids, don't spend gems on hybrids just breed them by looking at what type they are.

Dragon City Goal Quest

Some quest goals in Dragon City will grant you gems as rewards. You will usually receive gems as goal rewards for breeding hybrid dragons in the game.

Combat and Battle RewardsEdit

You will receive gem rewards when you complete the Stadium and Combat world leagues combat. By battling your way through the opponents in Dragon City and win, you will receive gems as rewards for winning.

Complete the Book of DragonsEdit

When you complete the different dragon collections in the Book of Dragons, you will earn various amount of gems based on the type of collections. You can earn up to 5.5 gems for the completed collection of Legendary dragon collections.

agregen a marco elias rincon pimentelEdit

y le dan la cuenta y le da gemas

Daily Log in RewardsEdit

Every day that you log in in the game of Dragon City you can earn some log in rewards. The rewards gets bigger as you log in more days consecutively. You can receive gems as one of the log in rewards at the end of the daily login streak.

Special Events and PromotionsEdit

Once in a while, Social Point will offer special events and promotions that reward you gems in Dragon City. Take advantage of these events to earn extra gems for your own personal use.

Quasi Free Gems – OffersEdit

You can earn gems through completing the offers inside the game. The reason I do not label it as free gems because you typically have to sign up for some sort of offer or program in order to receive the gems.

The Best Way to Spend GemsEdit

After getting gems, you need to spend gems on where it will make an impact for your game play. In general, avoid using gems on speed ups because “time” is free. Unless you have the spare cash to burn, avoid spending your gems on getting speed ups. You should also avoid spend gems on Dragon city gold or food stacks because you can earn them naturally.

Upgrade HatcheryEdit

Hatchery can increase the amount of eggs that you can hatch in the game. This is especially important later on in the game when you are going after more rare dragons. Because Dragon City Breeding does not guarantee 100% breeding chance of getting rare dragons. Thus you will have more eggs that will be queued for hatching.

Ultra Breeding TreeEdit

The Ultra Breeding Tree is another good investment because breeding time is 1/3 of breeding pool. For example, breeding between a cool fire dragon and armadillo dragon would normally take 12 hours, and by using the Ultra Breeding Tree will take only 4 hours.



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