Generation 1 Breeding

The parents for these pairings must first be purchased from the store. They are the basic elemental breeds that create all other species in the game.

Dragon 1 + Dragon 2 = Baby Dragon
Fire Earth Flaming Rock, Volcano
Fire Water Cloud, Blizzard
Fire Plant Spicy, Firebird
Fire Electric Laser
Fire Ice Soccer, Cool Fire (Can't Breed Gen 1)
Fire Metal Medieval
Fire Dark Vampire
Earth Fire Flaming Rock, Volcano
Earth Water Mud, Waterfall
Earth Plant Cactus, Tropical
Earth Electric Star
Earth Ice Alpine
Earth Metal Armadillo (can't Breed Gen 1)
Earth Dark Hedgehog
Water Fire Cloud, Blizzard
Water Earth Mud, Waterfall
Water Plant Nenufar, Coral
Water Electric Lantern Fish, Storm
Water Ice Icecube
Water Metal Mercury
Water Dark Pirate (can't Breed Gen 1)
Plant Fire Spicy, Firebird
Plant Earth Cactus, Tropical
Plant Water Nenufar, Coral
Plant Electric Gummy (Can't breed Gen 1)
Plant Ice Dandelion
Plant Metal Jade
Plant Dark Carnivore Plant, Rattlesnake
Electric Fire Laser
Electric Earth Star, Cameleon
Electric Water Lantern Fish, Storm
Electric Plant Gummy (Can't breed Gen 1)
Electric Ice Fluorescent
Electric Metal Golden, Battery
Electric Dark Neon
Ice Fire Soccer, Cool Fire (Can't Breed Gen 1)
Ice Earth Alpine
Ice Water Icecube
Ice Plant Dandelion, Mojito (Summer)
Ice Electric Fluorescent
Ice Metal Platinum
Ice Dark Penguin
Metal Fire Medieval
Metal Earth Armadillo
Metal Water Mercury
Metal Plant Jade
Metal Electric Golden, Battery
Metal Ice Platinum
Metal Dark Zombie
Dark Fire Vampire
Dark Earth Hedgehog
Dark Water ???
Dark Plant Carnivore Plant, Rattlesnake
Dark Electric Neon
Dark Ice Penguin
Dark Metal Zombie

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